Welcome to International School of Beijing

Dear Guests of ISB:

We welcome you to the International School of Beijing for our tenth annual basketball extravaganza, the Great Wall Shootout. We are happy and proud to be your hosts for this tournament, and look forward to some great basketball.
If you have been part of this fabulous festival of hoops in the past, you’ll know that the spirit of this annual gathering is unmatched. Enthusiasm rises to the rafters, and participants and spectators alike are filled with excitement.
We thank you for traveling to Beijing and for taking part in this competition. We hope you have a great tournament and a wonderful experience at ISB.

Dr. Tarek Razik
/ Head of School


Dear Coaches and Athletes:

Welcome to the Great Wall Shoot-Out, 2013!
We are very excited about the tournament to come, and the chance we have to share our gymnasiums and sport with student-athletes from visiting schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.We want to share a whole lot more than just our gymnasiums this weekend, however. The success of this event will be gauged not solely by performance on the courts, but also by the quality of the time we spend together. I challenge all of us to treasure that time, make new friends, and spread the spirit of sportsmanship throughout our communities.

Jeff Johanson
/ Director of Student Activities


Dear HS Basketball Players and Coaches

Welcome to Beijing, welcome to ISB and welcome to The Great Wall Shootout 2013. I can tell you with some certainty that our community here is really looking forward to enjoying a week of high quality Basketball and exemplary sporting behavior. This is without question many peoples favorite weekend on the sporting calendar.   Sport is a great facilitator for travel and bringing people together, so to complement the inevitable array of exciting matches we hope you will take some time to renew old friendships and develop new ones, as well as enjoy just a little taste of China and all it has to offer.  Good luck to all of you, play well, enjoy the competition and really take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that this week offers you, both on and off the court!

Simon Parker / Assistant Director of Student Activities


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